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Friday, 1 May 2009

Make money from Blogs!

Earn money from your blog?

Still not earning enough through AdSense? But enjoying blogging?
Then get paid to blog, there are loads of sites that will pay you good money just to create a Post for one of there blogs. Its better of you have experience in a certain niche because the more in-depth the post the more likely your post will be chosen.
My favourite sites for being paid to blog are:
  1. 451 Post (click)
  2. Be A Guide (click)
  3. Blog Burner (click)
  4. Blog Feast (click)

Some make money through AdSense while others will host your blog but take a percentage of your AdSense earnings, but do divert traffic to your site, meaning your traffic will be higher.


  1. This is really good advice. Thank you for it!!!!


  2. I started Adsense 4 years ago. My sites have good traffic but I have not receive a check from Googles.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I will have to check these sites out.

  4. If we only depend on AdSense, it'll be very hard to earn lot of money
    I'll check ur Adsense e-book and hopefully get cheque from Google as well

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