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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Free Adsense E-Book

I am Writing an E-book on the tips and hints i used to start the money rolling in!
It will include tips and techniques i payed for, but will give to you for FREE because why pay?
Money is tight and we all want some extra income, so i will help you earn those extra $$$$
I am only sending out a 100 free copies of this E-Book, and will be the first 100 followers and also leave me there email address.
People don't miss out on this chance, I just wish some-one had done it for me!
Tell your friends-if you want!
Times ticking away.....

More Traffic means more money

Want more Traffic?

Everyone wants more traffic and the best way to receive traffic is through search engines. I no blogs are included in search results but .coms and's seem to get more attention. So i would advise any blogger to buy a domain.

There are 2 types:
  1. Free domain: Free domains are a good way to start, but make sure that its DNS supported, this allows you to bind your existing blog to your new domain. Rather then starting all over again. The Best site i found for help is: HERE!
  2. Buy a domain: This is the most used way to enhance your blog, there are many different sites that sell domains buy the one i most use is GoDaddy because it gives you support and has good technical help 24/7
So everyone start buying these domains if you want more money!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

What colour to have my ads?

What colour ads make the most money?

This is a well discussed and argued topic. Many people believe that having your ads LOUD will generate more interest. This will drag peoples eye's away from your posts, but do you want this? If people come on your blog and only see the ads are they likely to come back? I don't think so, so that's the reason i don't use this style.

I personally think blending the ads and the blog together is the best way. This way people will click the ads if they want to which has 2 good points.
  1. Doesnt put your account at risk! Nothing is worse then putting all this effort into making a good blog and then for adsense close your blog.
  2. Makes your blog look better, I hate going onto blogs and seeing ads screaming at me. This way the readers look at your posts first and then the ads. The way you want it to be.
But this is only for my blog that this works for, so all i can say is pratice and pratice. One week try making your ads loud and see how much you generate from then, then the next week blend you ads.
Whatever one brings in the most money use!

More Traffic

Want more traffic?

I just thought of a good way to get a lot of traffic quickly and can be easily. Make a funny viral video and post it on youtube. Then firstly get your mates to watch it and also post the link on blog catalog, and if it takes off your blog or site will get hits!

Just a quick thought,
Will be giving you more later!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How To Improve My Click Through Rate?

Get a better Click Through Rate?
Make Money From AdSense?
Earn Money Online?

If you search 'how to Improve My Click Through Rate?' You will get millions of results! But today i will give you hints about matching your ads to your blog, which will improve you CTR.

The first rule i use is always match the ad colour to the colour of your blog. You want the ads to blend into your blog, subtlety is the key. So as you can see from my ads that are all bordered in black the same colour as my blog. This not only makes your blog look better, as its all blended together, it also can help make the ads stand out but not screaming out. This is what you need to aim for.

My second rule is a common sense rule, but a lot of people don't do it. USE YOUR KEYWORDS! If you have a blog about hairdressing you want ads about hair dressing. My blog is about making money and blogging, so you wouldn't expect to see hairdressing ads on mine. It seems really simple but the best way to get this is buy using the same word in each post. So if my next post was about 'explaining AdSense' Then my title would be something people who search google and expect this as a result. So the title could be What is AdSense?
The first line would be very similar to you could use something that is the same niche as AdSense, so maybe Making the Most Money From AdSense!
Then in your main content of your blog you want to repeat these key words a few times within your first few lines.

My final hint is trial and error. This is the best way to see what ads make you money! So every so often move your ads, move them further up the page for example. I found the best place on this site is next to my newest post. So as you can see the ads are there. But when you do change your blog format, make sure you create a new channel as then you can clearly and easily see the differences.
So if you want to be more like me and Lisa
Then use these sites for more info: 1 2
Or just use my pre-searched results which can be found here!

Monday, 27 April 2009

How To Get More Traffic?

Easy way to get traffic!

A very easy way to get more traffic and maybe more clicks is to link other blogs to yours and allow them to do the same. For instance you could do this:

Every Friday I will bring you my favourite blogs from the Past week! Ranking from 5 (being good) to 1 (not to be missed)
  1. ITS SUMMER! Summer time means holiday time and their is only one site- FindHolidays4U-Find your ideal holiday!
  2. Freedom Spot (FS) is an independent, non-commercial, online-publishing blog and database dedicated to democracy and human rights in Georgia. A good read and makes you relise how lucky we are!
  3. Free Games- This blog can keep you entertained four hours!
  4. Looking for laptops? Then i have found an amazing blog that gives you an honest opionion for all us bloggers out there, have a look
  5. Ever seem down and want a chuckle? Sorted with this blog. Its a truthful look at people in a quirky and sometimes obnoxious but will make you chuckle for sure! Would suggest looking now:
  6. To make more money you need more traffic! One way to get this is use peoples blogs for their hints and techniques. The site i use is it has helped me earn a lot of money from adsense!
Best way to set it up is the following- ( will use my other blog as an example)
  1. Men's Needs Solved- This was my favourite blog this week because every time i read the posts i couldn't help but crack a smile. Would advise it to anyone that loves a good laugh. If you wanna read the blog you can here-
Sounds easy! It is! It not only makes you look like a good person helping others out, it also will improve your rankings in the search engines because you will be linked to more sites/blogs!

What Not To Do?

A lot of people think this is an easy way to create quick cash, but it takes a lot of time and effort.
Yes there are ways to boost your income but they all break the conditions of using AdSense, so i will now tell you the top 5 things not to do!
  1. NEVER CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS-this is the number one NO NO! All the clicks are checked by using your IP so don't go clicking your own. You will be banned for life and will be missing out on a lot of money!
  2. Don't get your friends to click your ads- People pay for these ads and its unfair for you to abuse it. You are also breaking the conditions you accept when you sign up for AdSense!
  3. Don't get your viewers to click- NEVER post anywhere on your site things like 'show your support' 'Click the ads' etc. Google will not tolerate this and once again you will be banned.
  4. Be careful on what sites you mention your blog, this can send unwanted traffic to your site and will give you clicks but 100's which will get you banned. So only ever use well represented places to promote your blog. Also while promoting make sure you don't do Number 3.
  5. Respect all google trademarks. If you copy or try to blend ads sneakily into your website by using the google trademark. Google will not like this and could mean you end up in court as you are breaching a lot of copyright laws.
Please do read the Google TOS (terms of service) which can be found easily here!

Remember if you get banned, that's it your banned for LIFE! And you are loosing out on a lot of Dollars, so its up to you?

Make Money Online

Can Adsense Make You Money?

Adsense can make you money but it takes a long time and a lot of hard work. Of course to get more clicks you need to generate more traffic and their are 5 easy ways to do this!
  1. Submit your website or blog to google (here)
  2. Use social netoworking sites, because these can generate a lot more views then you think. You can use either Facebook, Twitter, MySpace even other blog's etc
  3. Get involved in as many different blogging sites as you can, i personally use mostly Freedom to blog then BlogCatalog, My Blog Log and as many more as you can!
  4. Get good content on your blog!- This is one of the most hardest but best way to get traffic to your blog. If people enjoy your blog they will come back? Simple!
  5. Get comments on your blog- this is one of the best ways because the search engines look for comments and they can link back to your site or blog. So get commenting! You can even go onto other's blogs and write a comment, best to ask a question or something with a response. This way they will comment back, not only giving you another comment but also more views!
These are only 5 steps out of hundreds to keep the money rolling in!
I will give hints and help everyday to help you make the most money you can.
This is only one of my few blogs and i will explain about this later on, but if you want to visit it you can :)

Anyways happy making money